What has not yet been said about our current health pandemic?  I’ve been turning to my favorite writers, thought-leaders, and spiritual enthusiasts for guidance and grounding during this time.  I’m not here to offer much wisdom toward what faces our global community.  Undoubtedly, you have been inundated with enough external input. Today I am simply … Continue reading COVID-19

Heart chakra

You don’t have to be a Reiki practitioner to take care of your energy body, which is comprised of meridians and chakras.  Meridians are the energy pathways that pass through at least one vital organ and help that organ’s functionality in some way.  Chakras are referred to as “energy centers.”  Today we will talk about … Continue reading Heart chakra

What is mindfulness anyway?

Mindfulness is a westernized term for formal meditation, derived from ancient Buddhist practices.  Mindfulness has also been coined “awake meditation.” Before we fully define and explore this, let's start with the origin of mindfulness meditation, how, and why this powerful practice has been adopted by our western culture and specifically, within the field of psychology.  … Continue reading What is mindfulness anyway?

Grief & loss

We usually think about the experience of grief in the context of the death of a loved one.  Of course, this is one of the most painful, incomprehensible events that we go through as humans.  Our minds aren’t constructed in a way that allow the concept of death to be easily grasped.  The sudden disappearance … Continue reading Grief & loss