What has not yet been said about our current health pandemic?  I’ve been turning to my favorite writers, thought-leaders, and spiritual enthusiasts for guidance and grounding during this time.  I’m not here to offer much wisdom toward what faces our global community.  Undoubtedly, you have been inundated with enough external input. Today I am simply extending my human-ness and letting you know I am experiencing all of this right here with you.

Now is the time to go inside: literally, yes, but also metaphorically.  There is nothing new to gain from attending to the mass chaos.  Turn toward the light and you will find nuggets of compelling wisdom and insight.  Hope is swirling amidst the devastation.  However, the best insights will re-iterate the same message: stay connected and retreat inward.  The world needs your stillness so you can bring calm and compassion to the collective experience.  Going inward means cultivating daily rituals that are soothing, evoke insight and perspective, and create a sense of empowerment.  With more quiet time, I’m reading, catching up on podcasts, attending to house projects, communing with nature, and making space for creativity.  During this time, it’s also important to accept the darkness or “shadow” of our experience.  We are called to examine the underlying emotions released within this crisis: anxiety, uncertainty, rage, fear, and despair.  I’m feeling and seeing themes around survival, emotional/physical safety, loss of control, and fears of death.  These are internal experiences we all must grapple with.  This type of deep, spiritual work will not knock politely on the door.  There are amazing resources at our disposal right now as the world goes online to offer support.  Why not rise to this unique opportunity?  I find it wild to know every human being on this planet is experiencing their own variation of what I’ve descried above.  You aren’t in this alone. 

I found this meditation especially compelling this morning:

My yoga practice is helping me navigate the anxiety and uncertainty.  Now presents an opportunity for me to foster discipline in cultivating a more consistent home practice. You can access free yoga for the next 30 days here:

The medication app, Headspace, is offering more free meditation practices. 

Brene Brown offers profound insight and guidance in her podcast episode here:

Finally, therapists are providing telehealth (video) sessions and some insurance companies are even talking about waiving co-pays for this service.  Please reach out. 

Sending you love and light as you confront the dark,


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Social-distance snowshoeing
Winter Park, CO