Welcome! Shanti means “inner peace” in Sanskrit. Peace can be achieved in a multitude of ways. One growing modality is the use of mindfulness: a concept derived from Buddhist practices that helps us find that internal stillness. When the mind chatter quiets, we can better connect to the true essence of who we are, what we’re here to do, and the ones we want alongside us for the ride.


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When did you first learn that “feminism” was a dirty word?  It happened to me shortly after my first sociology class when I learned about the different waves of feminism. I couldn’t wait to shout my enthusiasm from the roof-tops! I quickly realized a large sect of society does not value the feminist movement nor understand … Continue reading Feminism

Throat chakra

You don’t have to be a Reiki practitioner to take care of your energy body, which is comprised of meridians and chakras.  Meridians are the energy pathways that pass through at least one vital organ and help that organ’s functionality in some way.  Chakras are referred to as “energy centers.”  Today we will talk about … Continue reading Throat chakra

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