Self-energy meditation

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” -Hafiz

“Self” is a foundational concept within the Internal Family System’s model.  Self is a precious resource inside the psyche that is unscathed by stress and trauma.  It is a well of wisdom, joy, and clarity.  Every person has the ability to connect and lead from Self.  This meditation will help you connect to the qualities of Self-energy, which will allow you to more effectively witness parts inside, such as emotions, thoughts or beliefs, and body sensations.  Allow this meditation to gently introduce the framework, even if using “parts” language feels a little uncertain to you. 

Find yourself in a sitting posture that embodies wakefulness and dignity.  As you close your eyes, notice your body’s breath, breathing in and breathing out.  There is no need to control the breath and if a part of you believes you should or you would feel better if you did control the breath in some way, just acknowledge that.  Notice that your breath knows exactly what to do.  This body wants to live!  Continue to follow the breath inhaling and exhaling.  Connect to your inherent qualities of curiosity and compassion by extending this warmth to all parts of you, such as emotions, thoughts or beliefs, and physical sensations.  What parts are here to receive this energy right now?  What inside is asking for acknowledgment?  Invite your parts to let you know they are here.  Maybe there is a part that worries.  Let them be here.  Maybe there is a task-master part that is running through your to-do list for today.  Let that be okay.  You might notice parts that feel young, unsure or afraid.  Welcome them all.  If one part, that is so desperate to be heard, rushes up front too strongly, simply ask them to step back to allow you to witness their presence without feeling overwhelmed.  Let them know they will have the ability to express themselves fully in time. Ask them to trust you to lead.  As you come back to the breath, you remain anchored and embodied in Self.  Here you feel a sense of calm and connectedness toward all that you are.  Anchor toward your breath once more and when you feel ready, open your eyes and feel Self-energy accompany you back into the room and into the next moments of your day.