Love grows here

Springtime has so many life lessons to offer us.  Things are in bloom, even in places that we wouldn’t expect seedlings to sprout. I believe that nature is our biggest spiritual teacher. Philosophers and writers have often referred to nature as a place to contemplate and witness the miracles of life, death, and re-birth.

Our western world continues to advance in a way that separates us further from our connection to the earth. We don’t necessarily adjust our routines to the changing of the seasons in a way that can cultivate greater connection and reliance upon the earth’s rhythms. However, we can choose to adjust our patterns in a way that help us feel the vibration of seasonal change. This might mean eating foods that are perfectly in season, embracing the concept of “letting go” in the fall, taking time to rest or hibernate in the winter (not in the binge-watching Netflix and isolation kind of way), manifesting change in the spring, and spending more time creating and moving our body in the summer. If we choose to create and tend to a garden, the qualities of patience, acceptance, and awe will absolutely be cultivated! Gardening also offers us the opportunity “get our hands dirty” so to speak.  There is something natural and visceral about digging your hands in the dirt and abandoning caution.  It’s beautiful to witness the stubbornness of roots and the willingness of seeds as they come into their existence when it’s time and how they so openly claim their space.   Oh! how many metaphors emerge when we take time to be witness to all that occurs right in front of us, whether we decide to pay attention and participate or not.  I will choose to participate as long as the invitation stands.