Culty culture

I usually talk with my clients about other services that can be helpful to our work, often deemed as alternatives to traditional psychotherapy and psychiatric care. It’s an important conversation that requires strong caution toward the fact that right now, it’s like the wild west out here. We’ve got a surge of opportunities that are … Continue reading Culty culture


The youngest and most innocent members of our society are facing a cruel and vicious cycle of collective trauma at the hands of violence that will cause deep scarring, with emotional and psychological ramifications that persist throughout the lifespan. Mental illness, drug addiction, incarceration, social isolation, self harm and further violence are familiar outcomes for … Continue reading PSA

Moving toward

When emotional pain starts to pull us down, we tend to react in ways to rid ourselves of the feelings by suppressing, dismissing, judging or trying to think our way out of them. We try so desperately to move against the experience, to resist. In the process, we dredge up past regrets and conjure up … Continue reading Moving toward

My soapbox on DBT

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based treatment to help provide stabilization to people struggling with chronic suicidal ideation and usually, childhood experiences of trauma. These experiences, among other symptoms, were later categorized into the diagnosis we now know as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Dr. Marsha Linehan’s research not only established hope for a previously … Continue reading My soapbox on DBT