The youngest and most innocent members of our society are facing a cruel and vicious cycle of collective trauma at the hands of violence that will cause deep scarring, with emotional and psychological ramifications that persist throughout the lifespan. Mental illness, drug addiction, incarceration, social isolation, self harm and further violence are familiar outcomes for many who have faced this level of trauma at a young and inspiring age. Generations of those to follow will still carry the weight of this trauma, in their hearts, minds and genetic code. 

Our elected officials in the Senate and House have a responsibility to limit access to guns and increase social supports through mental health treatment services. Contact your representatives and demand their support for H.R.8, a bill that would tighten background check rules for firearm transfers among private parties, H.R6076, a bill designed to expand access to communities that have a lower concentration of mental health resources, as well as address workforce shortages of mental health professionals and S.870, a bill designed to improve access to mental health services. 

-National Association of Social Workers (NASW)