Addiction recovery journey: from where I sit

We are talking about change, yet your highest Self doesn’t appear part of the conversation.

I’m inviting you to connect, but you seem far away.

Your life is falling apart, can’t you see it?  I’m here to hold space for you to be vulnerable, but you are afraid.

I can sense your inner torment.  I know your addiction is telling you it needs to continue to be fed for you to survive.  How can I help you overthrow its regiment?  You don’t believe you can. 

I am helping you get to know the gifts your addiction gives you and how it has been essential for your survival.  You are learning how to manage these urges and create space inside that allows you to choose something different in these most difficult moments. 

You are connecting with me in a way that allows you to feel safe.  You know what to expect from me.  I set caring, but firm boundaries that teach you how to hold yourself accountable to change.  I will hold you accountable because I know your system desperately needs a sense of predictability and consistency to heal.

You are experiencing a glimpse of what it means to be in recovery.  You are healing in the context of relationships with others.  You are learning how to be open and vulnerable to those that would usually ignite fear.  You are sharing with others that understand. You are learning that there is hope for long-lasting change and you are not alone.  You feel empowered each time you experience an urge and can engage in an act of self-compassion and dignity.  Your anxiety and persisting depression begin to alleviate as your brain starts to adopt to a new, healthier lifestyle. 

Sometimes you feel like returning to the life that you know because being fully awake holds so much uncertainty and risk.  Yet, you choose connection, honesty, and sobriety.  Each day becomes brighter and holds more potential.

You inspire your loved ones, recovery community, and therapist.  Your therapist experiences so much joy seeing you each week and working through triggers, highlighting your courage and strength!  She feels so honored to be a part of your journey.