The journey begins

My transition into private practice started with a solo road trip out west on Route 66.

I had a taste of self-employment when I was contracted with a successful group practice in Colorado Springs. I loved my role as a lead clinician and was able to really expand my wings, which included having time to incorporate other interests of mine into a dynamic and fulfilling work week. My husband and I relocated to Denver for his career so I left this practice and joined a treatment team at a larger organization. As usual, I loved working with my clients, but found I wasn’t able to serve the wide range of people and complexities that has always left me feeling challenged and inspired. I also missed having the independence that I was accustomed to. In the Spring of 2018, I made the decision to leave the safety of this organization to start my own practice. I sought out a lot of support from previous colleagues and mentors, mostly to gather courage to step out on my own and put to use everything I’ve learned over the years. Of course, I also had to consult experts on the logistics of owning a business, which is not something I had necessarily envisioned for myself! I had an opportunity to take some time off between gigs and enjoy the pause. I took a vacation to New Mexico and Arizona over a week’s time and as life would have it, I came home with everything I needed to start this adventure. It has been an enriching (and fun) process since!

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